Preventing Alcohol Abuse in the Navy Analytical Essay by Sdressel

This paper looks at possible solutions to the problem of alcohol abuse in the military.
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In this article, the writer discusses that the military has a long and varied history with alcohol, especially the Navy. The writer notes that every year, sailors are separated from the Navy due to alcohol-related incidences. The writer points out that this costs the Navy money, the command personnel, and lowers the moral of all sailors involved. It is of utmost importance that junior officers work at all levels to prevent alcohol abuse and increase alcohol abuse awareness. The writer looks at the causes of this alcohol abuse within the Navy. The writer then discusses possible ways of preventing alcohol abuse. The writer maintains that education and training are two of the most important pieces to preventing alcohol abuse among a command's personnel. The writer concludes that alcohol abuse is a major problem in today's Navy and it is up to each individual to combat it and make the command a better place for all sailors.

From the Paper:

"Many of the sailors who experience these discomforts and lack of personal freedom react to these stressors by drinking. The long periods at sea and the separation from home and family also are contributing factors to heavy drinking. Young sailors often view drinking with co-workers during the work week as an appropriate coping mechanism in response to the stress, boredom and loneliness of work. Finding other releases for these stressors besides drinking has always been a challenge not just for junior officers, but for the Navy as well.
"A sailor's personal home life is often another cause of alcohol abuse. Even if the individual is single and lives on the ship or in the barracks he may feel the only option to get away from the Navy setting is to go to the bars and drink. Sailor's with spouses or significant others that are dealing with problems at home may stop at a bar on the way home to try and cope with alcohol. Or they too may feel that going to the bar and drinking is the only way to escape their problems at home. It is the responsibility of the junior officer to know their people. Understand which of them are having personal problems, even if the problem is just boredom. Research MWR programs on base and other fun non-alcoholic activities the single sailor may partake in. For the sailor with the family problems suggest the Navy's Fleet and Family Support Centers for additional help."

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