Positive and Negative Industry Innovations Analytical Essay by Nicky

An examination of the positive and negative ways in which innovation has been applied in the music industries and the technical support service.
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The paper describes how the music industry revolutionized the music buying preferences and habits of mainstream consumers, and even as many giant retailers and recording companies failed, the consumer gained greater variety, access and affordability in the field. The paper then looks at the customer service field where innovation has improved technology solutions but without improving--and even diminishing--the customer experience. The paper concludes that innovation can occur both positively and negatively and the primary distinguishing feature is the experience which greets the consumer as a result of the manner in which innovations are guided.

From the Paper:

"Indeed, as we proceed with this discussion, an evident connection of processes and outcomes will emerge to characterize innovation as a necessary aspect of the evolution of technological and philosophical practices in virtually every market context. Particularly, we will find ourselves continually examining the idea that manufacturing or product development innovations have problematically outpaced industry culture against the better judgment of today's economic analytical point of view, which the research will show advocates the construction of an music industry that is prepared to meet the level of progress in the manufacturing, retail and service industries rather than one that is content to rest on the sustainability of its current model. The opportunities apparent in the first years of the internet's proliferation resulted in what is today remembers as the dot.com bust, where several years of explosive experimentation with the internet's most practical uses created a wealth of great ideas and an even greater wealth of poor, short-sighted, implausible or even dishonest ideas. When the market impact of the tumbling latter overshadowed the performance of the steadily ascending former, an industry collapse sent many of the internet's less serious experimenters scrambling for traditional commercial pastures."

Sample of Sources Used:

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