Political Candidacy and Religion Analytical Essay by Nicky

Looks at whether a candidate's personal religious beliefs should be used in a political campaign.
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This paper investigates the debate that there are two equally valid points of view as whether political candidates should relate their personal Christian religious beliefs as part of their campaigns. Next, the author relates that some people suggest that making candidates not talk about their religious preference is not beneficial to them and to the electorate. Whereas, other sources, in a country based on the separation of church and state, believe that a candidates' religious views should not be a part of the electoral process. The paper concludes that statistical data support both sides; however, Democrats and Republicans respond differently to the practice of candidates using their personal religious beliefs

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From the Paper:

"Candidates reveal personal information on the campaign trail to connect with their audiences. For instance, in the 2008 election, John McCain gave persona information about his military service in order to connect with other military people and patriots. His running mate Sarah Pain's family, another personal subject, was also almost always up for grabs. The electorate often believes that knowing personal information about a candidate makes them feel closer to him or her or understand him or her better."

Sample of Sources Used:

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