Policy Making and the Three Government Branches Analytical Essay by hardwork4Me

Looks at the roles in policy making of the judiciary, legislative branch and executive branches of the US government.
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This paper explains the structure, rights and functions of the judiciary, legislative branch and executive branches of the US government as granted by the Constitution; however, the author believes that the judiciary and legislative branches play the most important role in public social service policy making. Next, the author reviews the steps, including the building, formulation, adoption, implementation, evaluation and at times the termination, that a policy must go through to become law. The paper underscores that many social service agencies, such as the Volunteers of America, are bound by these laws because these laws influence the day-to-day operations and decision-making choices of the agencies.

From the Paper:

"Prior to any policy created, there must be a need powerful enough to reach the attention of the government such as illegal immigration or increased crime. It must significantly affect enough people to be considered an issue in need of government action and attention. Once this step has been accomplished, it moves onto the next step of formulation and adoption.
"The formulation process involves finding a solution to the problem. Congress, the courts, and the executive branch are involved in this step along with any interest groups. Contradictory proposals are often made and a tangible outcome is reached. The bill is presented to Congress or a regulatory agency to draft the proposal and continues to the adoption process. Here is where Congress would pass the proposed billed into legislation, it becomes final or the Supreme Court reaches a decision in the case. Once the policy is approved, it is implemented most often by organizations other than those who formulated and adopted it. It is the responsibility of the other branches of government aside from the Supreme Court to implement it.
"The final step and ongoing process with all policies is the evaluation process. All policies are not always successful."

Sample of Sources Used:

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