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Police Use of Force
This paper discusses the use of force in police procedure.
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In this article, the writer notes that in the United States, laws get enforced by police agencies from cities, states, and the federal government. To be able to enforce laws and make arrests, police officers have the authority to use force. The writer notes that in some situations, they can use deadly force. However, there are strict rules for applying force in policing. The writer discusses that the type of force used must be right for the right circumstances. Using the wrong kind of force or too much force can make the city or state responsible for damage to the arrested person, even when he is guilty and needed to be arrested. It can also make the police agency and the officer personally responsible. The writer concludes that police officers are allowed to use force, but they must use the right type of force for every situation.

The Use of Force Continuum

From the Paper:

"Many times, other methods are supposed to be used first on the UOFC before strong hands on methods. Police officers on patrol usually have a spray such as pepper spray or mace and they can use these sprays instead of going from verbal commands or light hands on to strong hands on. This level on the UOFC is good for officers if there are more people than officers and also where the person is much bigger or stronger than the officer. Before officers are allowed to use spray methods, they have to take a course for spray certification and part of the course is getting sprayed so they will know how people react to it and how much is too much spray."

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