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Plea Bargaining - Pros and Cons
A look at the pros and cons of plea bargaining.
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Published on Dec 01, 2008 in Law (General)

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This paper describes plea bargaining, and the pros and cons of using this process rather than sending a case to trial. According to the paper, generally the defendant pleads to a lesser charge or for lesser punishment in return for an admission of guilt and a waiver of the right to a trial. This process is helpful as it speeds up the legal system and gives an incentive for the accused to cooperate.

From the Paper:

"Plea Bargaining is generally defined as a set of negotiations between the prosecution and the defense in a criminal case. A defendant generally pleads guilty to a lesser charge or to fewer charges and in turn receives a less severe sentence. This is also known as "copping a plea" (Hill & Hill). The prosecution benefits from a plea bargain because it does not have to prove its case in court. The defendant benefits as he/she gets a lighter sentence than if found guilty in court. The state benefits because it saves the costs, time and manpower needed for a trial. Many people favor..."

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