Plato's Republic: Unjust To Humanity Analytical Essay by Nicky

Plato's Republic: Unjust To Humanity
Analysis of Plato's "Republic."
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Published on Nov 15, 2011 in Philosophy (Ancient Greek)

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This paper presents an in-depth philosophical analysis of Plato's "Republic", showing how Plato compared a person to his perfect city. It also examines Plato's premise that some humans need leadership since they cannot lead themselves. Additionally, it shows how Plato would structure his society. The paper contends that this approach is unjust, since humans have a right to determine which role they chose to play in society. The author concludes by stating that Plato's approach to society is extreme.

From the Paper:

"When one considers Plato's description of the perfect state, one quickly realizes that this state is based on the roles of certain individuals. In the second book, as be begins to form his city, Plato argues that "there are diversities of natures among us which are adapted to different occupations." Further, Adeimantus and Plato agree that a person does better work if he or she has only one job instead of many jobs (Plato Book II). What Plato and Adeimantus are discussing in this book are the producers, those whose jobs are simply to make what is necessary for society to thrive, such as food, shoes, and buildings. Plato argues that each of these people should be designated to do only one job and "[leave] other things" (Plato Book II). Plato, with Adeimantus, even goes so far as to argue that those who protect the city in times of war should not be drafted from other occupations too serve in a war."

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