Plastic Waste Analytical Essay by Nicky

Plastic Waste
An examination of the problem of waste plastic and the methods of elimination available.
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The paper presents the thesis that plastic waste is a problem of great magnitude, and since it is not possible nor desirable to eliminate plastic use altogether, various methods of disposal and recycling must be attempted. The paper explores the benefits and disadvantages of recycling and also looks at other methods of disposal. The paper reaches the conclusion that since recycling is not a complete solution, on account of economic and technical problems and the cost of operations, other methods of elimination of waste plastic have to be implemented simultaneously.


From the Paper:

"There are many arguments that show that plastic is harmful. One argument is that plastics are not biodegradable, that is capable of being consumed by organisms and therefore indestructible for larger period of time. Plastic prevents the earth from getting water in rain by forming a film in land fills, and not being degraded also cause harm to animals and hazards to living creatures. The effects are felt both in land and sea. There was thus a campaign all over the world to ban plastic bags and the like. However the effects of plastics are more theory than practical scientific evidence. There are arguments from scientists that these claims are highly exaggerated and there is no basis for the alarm. For example it was reported in the Times that some environmentalists and scientists have come out with the opinion that the "global campaign to ban plastic bags is based on flawed science and exaggerated claims." (Mostrous, 4)
"These contenders refute the claims that plastic kills a million animals a year as having been exaggerated. The argument is that marine waste "poses only a minimal threat to most marine species, including seals, whales, dolphins and seabirds." (Martin, 7) The argument that animals are harmed was negated with the argument that "mammals are too big to get entangled in plastic" bags. (Mostrous, 4) This group argues that the problem of the plastic waste cannot be solved merely by concentrating on plastic bag waste."

Sample of Sources Used:

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