Personality: Nature or Nurture? Analytical Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Personality: Nature or Nurture?
Looks at the complex debate about the formation of the personality being either genetic or environmental or a combination of these two factors.
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This paper explains that, instead of studying personality from the traditional "nature versus nurture" approach, many psychologists, biologists, sociologists, and geneticists are beginning to examine the complex relationship between genetic, behavioral and environmental effects rather than just focusing on the differences. The paper specifically describes research projects that examine these assumptions of inter-relationship. The paper concludes that an individual's personality is truly unique in that it involves a dynamic interplay between both the individual's definitive nature and manifested nurture.

From the Paper:

"The study of identical twins is definitely an interesting method of researching the effect of the genetic inheritance, which is acquired before birth, and the surrounding events and conditions one is raised in after birth. It is quite evident that behavioral genetics will continue to be of great importance in the future of many areas in psychology. It will definitely prove to be of special concern and interest to the field of personality, as advancements in identifying specific genes associated with certain variations in personality and mental abilities are discovered."

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