Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America and its Impact on Medicare Analytical Essay by scribbler

Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America and its Impact on Medicare
An analysis of the pros, cons and viability of Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America as it pertains to Medicare.
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The paper analyzes the first components of Paul Ryan's Roadmap for America, a plan that deals with the Medicare problem and suggests ways to return the government entitlement to solvency. The paper examines the pros and cons of this plan and considers whether the United States should adopt such a policy measure and whether this plan will receive the visibility it requires in order to move from the House committee to the President's desk to become implementable policy. Finally, the paper provides an overall assessment of Congressman Ryan's plan and assesses the chances that the plan will deliver the promises contained within its lofty prose and spread across hundreds of pages. The paper concludes with an overall assessment and review of the current status of Medicare spending, the perilous future and the increasing need for reform.


From the Paper:

"The Medicare program has been a stalwart of United States policy for the better part of four decades. Since its inception the Medicare program has been one of those infamous government entitlement programs that borders on attaining what has usually been reserved for deities and those that exist on the ethereal plane-eternal life. Medicare is as ingrained within our national consciousness as the core principles that we all learn about this great country in grammar school.
"Medicare represents a substantial portion of the Government's expenditures regarding entitlement spending. Furthermore, Medicare is encroaching on insolvency. For the past several years, spending on entitlement programs such as Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid have been draining already strained coffers within the Federal Treasury. There are more retirees utilizing Medicare than there are individuals paying into the US Treasury through taxes to support the continued existence of the system and prevent a total collapse-an event whose social ramifications would be dramatic to say the least. However, plans and ideas to fix Medicare have been met with stiff political resistance rendering it nearly impossible for any meaningful change to be brought about to preserve the very system that millions of senior citizens have come to rely upon."

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