Paradise Lost: Satan's Humanity Analytical Essay by Sassy84

Paradise Lost: Satan's Humanity
A discussion of the humanity of the character of Satan in Milton's "Paradise Lost".
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Published on May 23, 2003 in Literature (English) , English (Analysis)

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This paper examines the idea that although the portrayal of Satan in John Milton's "Paradise Lost", is as an angel, he comes across as more human than anything else. It evaluates how he displays characteristics that are typical of humans such as envy, pride, despair and regret. It shows how the first time Satan sees Paradise after his exile he is filled with despair and regret and how it is obvious that he has a conscience, but simply does not listen to it. It looks at how his pride blocks his way back to God's kingdom since he was not willing to accept the fact that he was in the wrong and how his inability to swallow his pride only pushes him further and further away from Heaven's gate.

From the Paper:

"One major factor that keeps Satan out of Heaven is his pride. It was pride that first caused him to be thrown out of Heaven. The thought of asking for forgiveness was too much for Satan to handle. His pride wouldn't allow him to realize that he needed to ask for forgiveness. His pride told him that he was right. His stubbornness is his downfall. It doesn't matter how badly he feels or what he thinks about God. There is only one person who can start him back on the path to goodness and that person is he. This is why pride is the deadliest sin. It causes you to fall and then it keeps you down. The only way to return to God is to let go of that pride. It acts as a wall and you are the only person who can take it down."

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