Origins of Man Analytical Essay by Nicky

Origins of Man
A look at the theories on the origins of man.
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This paper examines current theories on the origins of modern man, considering the questions of the geographical origin of the species and the timeline of the species' spread to other part of the globe. Additionally, the paper also considers genetic changes to the species as they occurred in the distant evolutionary past. The paper reviews some of the current literature pertaining to past, current, and ongoing research in these areas in an attempt to form a better understanding of the origins of Homo sapiens sapiens. The two theories the paper focuses on are the Recent Out of Africa hypothesis and the Multiregional Evolution Hypothesis, though there are also several other less accepted theories. After analyzing these theories, the paper concludes by stating that it seems likely that the true geographical and temporal origins of Homo sapiens sapiens will never be established with full scientific certainty.



From the Paper:

"The other major competing theory, the Multiregional Evolution Hypothesis, also believes that at some point the ancestors of modern humans came out of Africa and began to spread, and then developed into the various ethnicities of Homo sapiens sapiens independently in several different regions in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East (Wu 2004). The data used in the field consists mainly of fossil records, which are notoriously incomplete and therefore, despite the amount of knowledge fossils can provide to scientific researchers, unreliable means of ascertaining the true evolution of most creatures, including Homo sapiens sapiens. Certain geological information can also be used in dating fossils as well as modeling weather patterns to propose times that migration might have been facilitated or necessitated, which when combined with the fossil record might provide more conclusive evidence."

Sample of Sources Used:

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