Obesity in Childhood Analytical Essay by Nicky

Obesity in Childhood
An analysis of the problem of childhood obesity.
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In this article, the writer discusses that a view that has been found to be true from many different analytical perspectives is that obesity among children in the United States is a complex and multidimensional problem. The central thesis that is explored in this paper is that there is no one single cause of obesity among children but rather that the causative factors behind obesity are multidimensional due to the fact that several different factors can contribute to childhood obesity. The writer maintains that there are many different views about the causes and effects of obesity. The writer concludes that this discussion shows that some views are more dominant and that while a multidimensional understanding of this valid, there are some causes that are more pertinent than others. This paper contains illustrative graphs.

An Extended Analysis of the Problem of Childhood Obesity
Physical Exercise as a Central Factor
Food Quality and Obesity
Social Prejudice as a Central Factor

From the Paper:

"It is obvious that all these factors contribute to the problem of obesity. However, the choice of the dominating cause often determines the focus and the emphasis in programs or projects intended to deal with this problem. Furthermore, various different theories also have to be taken into account. This includes less explored areas of this problem; such as the increasingly important view that obesity differs from overweight and that prejudice against an individual who is overweight in fact increases overeating and serves as a psychological impetus that may lead to obesity. The issue of social bias and prejudice towards the overweight individuals is therefore an important aspect in determining successful protocols and strategies for dealing with this problem."

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