Nursing and Cardiovascular Health Analytical Essay by Nicky

Nursing and Cardiovascular Health
An analysis of studies for nurses interested in promoting cardiovascular health among their patients.
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Published on Oct 12, 2011 in Medical and Health (Nursing) , Nutrition (General)

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This paper provides data to nurses regarding varied regimes of diet and exercise to promote cardiovascular health. The paper presents and discusses three studies in this area. The first study focused the ability of on lifestyle interventions to improve coronary heart disease (CHD) risk factors; the second study focused on whether protein, carbohydrates or unsaturated fats were most successful at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease; the third study examined the effect of a Mediterranean diet on risk factors of early hypertension and other cardiovascular health symptoms. After discussing each study the paper concludes these studies, and studies like them, can provide the data necessary to make recommendations but the nurses relationship with the patient is the most important factor in promoting good health.

From the Paper:

"The knowledge is invaluable to those nurses who are not afraid to pursue it. Especially beneficial is the study's statement that "these data demonstrate that long-term CHD risk factors are reversible in obese older adults; lifestyle therapy can improve or normalize the metabolic risks of CHD in older adults, as has been shown in young and middle-aged adults" (pg. 1320). Speaking on these benefits does no harm to the patients, instead it (at the very least) provides the patient(s) with an opportunity to take charge of their own lives and lifestyles.
"A separate study provided additional data that would also be beneficial to patients suffering from cardiovascular disease (CVD). This specific study was initiated with the purpose of discovering which macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate or unsaturated fat) works the best at lowering CVD. The study reiterated the belief that dietary recommendations lower blood pressure and improve serum lipids. The reason for lowering these two items is that they are both primary determinants of CVD risk. Each of the macronutrients studied showed signs of lowering the levels of these determinants, what the study wished to ascertain was which macronutrient was actually the most beneficial to the largest number of participants. The setting for the study was to compare the effects that a diet heavily favored to each of the three macronutrients would be introduced. Those three diets focused on three approaches; a high protein diet, a high carbohydrate diet and a high monounsaturated fat diet."

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