North and South: Divergent Views on Religious Responsibility Analytical Essay by RightRiters

North and South: Divergent Views on Religious Responsibility
A paper which discusses how different views on religious philosophy contributed to the American Civil War.
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The divide between the North and the South has long been discussed by scholars. Matters such as the individual, God and religion, community, governance, wealth, and wilderness were all sites of difference between the attitudes of the two regions. The paper shows that perhaps no difference was more important as the nation developed than the way in which religion was viewed. It shows that in many ways the attitudes of the North and the South concerning religion shaped each region's treatment of all the other issues mentioned above. By the outbreak of the Civil War, there was no peaceful way for the two sides to resolve their differences. This paper discusses the main differences between the way the North and South states viewed and practiced religion.

From the Paper:

"Those settlers who founded the colonies in the North were usually of Calvinist beliefs. In addition to their belief that all men were inherently sinful, these settlers generally saw themselves as being God's chosen people in the new world. Their sense of collective responsibility was strong, and it was the basis for John Winthrop's exhortation aboard the Arabella that the arriving colonists should conduct themselves "as a city on a hill" for others to imitate (Winthrop 168). The Great Awakening of the 18th century reinforced the idea that the new Americans should have a proper relationship with God. In addition, the spread of Enlightenment thought led many Northerners to examine how they could combine their own intellectual abilities with their religious beliefs to do God's work in America."

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