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Nora as a Theorist
An examination of Nora, a character in Henrik Ibsen's play, "A Doll's House", in light of the theories of Karl Marx and Max Weber.
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The paper explains that Marx and Weber both had theories of alienation and authority. It shows that they both thought that men had been alienated from their natural selves. The paper explains that Marx thought it was because men had been subordinated by economics and technology and had given up their power to produce and that Weber believed that men became alienated from themselves when they formed organizations or bureaucracies. The writer discusses that Nora, the main character in "A Doll's House", is a sort of doll to her husband, Torvald. The writer explains that Nora loses her own sense of self as she subordinates herself to Torvald's authority in all things. The writer states that Nora is a theorist in the same way that Marx and Weber are because, when she realizes that she is alienated from herself and that she has an unresolved conflict because of this, she confronts her husband and leaves him, her children and her lifestyle. In conclusion, the writer posits that Nora would have made Karl Marx proud by her decision to leave everything she has ever known to start a new life without the conflict and alienation that she had become accustomed to.

Table of Contents:
Karl Marx' Theory of Alienation
Max Weber's Theory of Authority
Marx and Weber
"A Doll's House"
Analysis of Nora as a Theorist

From the Paper:

"The key part that Weber and Marx seem to agree on, though, is that there are people in authority in society, and people who are not in authority. This causes conflict and a sense of alienation for some people. While they vary in the reasons why this causes alienation, and they vary on why some men come to be in authority, they firmly agree on the problem. It is merely the solution and the cause of the problem where they diverge. The conflict and problems that they discuss can be seen in Henrik Ibsen's play "A Doll's House"."

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