New Retail Concepts Analytical Essay by Nicky

New Retail Concepts
Looks at three potential new retail concepts designed to increase customer loyalty by offering greater value.
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This paper begins the discussion of customer loyalty enhanced retail concepts by investigating radio frequency identification (RFID) grocery store shopping carts that would enable shoppers to plug a memory stick or PEM drive loaded with their grocery lists from their home PCs into the shopping cart and have their shopping list pop up with pricing, availability, promotions and location on a flat screen monitor attached to the cart. Next the author reviews the SpeedPass, an RFID chip embedded in plastic, pre-approved based on the car renter's record, insurance ratings and credit ratings, that would speed up the process of getting a rental car. The paper strongly recommends that the trains linking the Boston, New York and Washington D.C. and along the West Coast have free WiFi.

Table of Contents:
Grocery Stores with RFID Enabled Shopping Carts
SpeedPass for Rental Cars
WiFi and Business Services on Amtrak

From the Paper:

"A solution to this is to create special SpeedPass based on RFID technology. The SpeedPass would be an RFID chip embedded in plastic, preapproved based on a renter's record, insurance ratings, and credit ratings if applicable, and mailed to the cardholder for their use in high risk areas. The SpeedPass would then be scanned at the rental desk in the airport and the car would be lined up by the rental center. The customer could take the bus to the SpeedPass lane, and the RFID contained they had would flash their specific stall number and then they would get their car. Just to make sure the right customer got the right car RFID scanners would be underneath the dashboard and the car would only start for the right RFID card match. By simply typing in a short code, the support staff getting the cards lined p would be able to ensure only the right customer gets the right car. This would save hours of time in high risk insurance areas that also happen to be tourism destinations including Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, New Orleans, San Diego and Hawaii in the U.S. and throughout European nations with high insurance rates."

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