"Nature vs. Nurture" Analytical Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

"Nature vs. Nurture"
An examination of the influence of genetics over the environment in which a person is raised.
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This paper discusses the debate of nature versus nurture. In other words, the paper examines the scientific argument over whether genetics/heredity is a more influential factor than the environment in which a person is raised and/or lives. The paper looks at four major areas currently being explored in the world of human genetics - the differences between the sexes, homosexuality, intelligence and personality.

From the Paper:

"For more than a hundred years, a great argument has raged within society concerning the question "What is more influential in the life of a human being, nature or nurture?" Basically, the overall argument in scientific circles relates to whether or not genetics plays a more important role in the development of a human being's personality and behavior than does the environment. Within the last twenty years or so, numerous studies have been conducted via the use of twins in order to determine if genetics/heredity is a more influential factor than the environment in which a person is raised and/or lives. Although many people are still convinced that a person's "fate" is determined by God or some other type of outside influence, it is now very clear that genetics and heredity, due to a number of major discoveries linked to genetic research and the Human Genome Project, are almost fully responsible for a person's behavior, personality, intelligence and individual state of mind as contrasted with the environment which now seems to play a very minor role."

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