Native American Mistreatment Analytical Essay by scribbler

Looks at the mistreatment of Native Americans through abusive treaties and by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
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The focus of this paper is on the way that Native Americans have suffered at the hands of the white settlers since the first Spanish missionaries, who saw them as "savages" and wanted to convert them to Christianity and to make them a part of white society. The paper describes not only the mistreatment of Natives through legal loopholes and empty treaties that deprived them of their land and their way of life, but also the brutal murder of Indians who stood in the way of westward expansion. The paper further reports that, today, many Native American tribes attempt to recreate their culture but, overall, their cultures and beliefs today are far different than they were in the past.

From the Paper:

"Overall, the government negotiated almost 400 treaties with Native Americans. Many involved land, and most of them took place after the war of 1812, when more settlers began moving west. The Bureau of Indian Affairs was created early in the country's history, and it remains a federal department today. The author continues, "The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) was created in 1824 within the War Department, and its administration passed into civilian control at the newly created Home Department of the Interior in 1849". Today, the BIA is still controversial, and many people question if it really serves thee Native Americans it is supposed to serve. Oswalt notes, "Despite revelations about inefficiency, by 1994 only an estimated twenty cents of each dollar received by the BIA actually reached the Indians for whom it was intended" . There have been many scandals involving the BIA, and Natives and non-Natives alike have criticized their treatment of the Native Americans throughout the bureau's history.
While mistreatment of the Natives through legal loopholes and empty treaties deprived them of their land and their way of life, the brutal murder of Indians in the way of expansion was entirely too common."

Sample of Sources Used:

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