Native American Culture Analytical Essay by Peerless

Native American Culture
A review of the book, "Myths That Hide The American Indian" by Oliver La Farge, and a study of the cultural contributions of Native American tribes to North America.
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This paper examines the societal structures of the various Native American tribes as seen in the book, "Myths That Hide The American Indian" by Oliver La Farge. It describes the tremendous contributions of numerous Native American tribes in art, poetry, governmental structure and customs. The paper explores the European settlers' impact on the Native American people.

From the Paper:

"An aspect of the essay that I found very interesting was the societal structures of the various Tribes. The tribes of the Southeast Mississippi Valley region were among the most advanced tribes in North America; in particular the Natchez tribe which had an elaborate social system. The social system of this tribe was divided into two groups; the aristocracy referred to as Suns and the common people called Stinkers. Within this system the common people could wed whomever they wanted but the aristocracy could only marry outside of their social group and the offspring would become a part of the aristocracy. This social system, as elaborate as it was, did create a problem because it decreased greatly the number of Stinkers within the tribe. To combat this the Natchez tribe would capture, torture, and enslave foreigners and if they survived they would become Stinkers in doing this they were able to perpetuate this social system."

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