Music Piracy and the Music Industry Analytical Essay by Nicky

Music Piracy and the Music Industry
Looks at the way that music piracy from the internet has changed the music industry.
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This paper points out that the music industry is an example of the changing nature of commerce caused by the integration of internet technology that is leading to the extinction in many industries of their tradition style of retailing. Next, the author relates how Napster and the lack of efficacy by the industry in their use of the courts changed web-users' behavior regarding the purchase of music thus beginning a new method for the exchange of many types of media on the internet. The paper states that music companies have had serious difficulties in meeting this expansion of technological opportunities with the exception of Apple with its iTunes downloading program and iPOD family of listening devices, which is the leader in this new internet based commerce.

From the Paper:

"As per the illegality of the behavior, its commonness almost renders the conception irrelevant. The incapacity of the industry to enforce a specific precedent or effective model of response and prevention means that the law is dwarfed in factorial importance by sheer economic behavior. To the point, and concerning the lawsuit cited in Bratton's article, it is a well-recognized fact that many students use the high-speed internet provided by college campuses in order to use peer-to-peer trading programs that allow for the free downloading of pirated music, movies and other unauthorized digital items, which are characterized as intellectual property."

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