Multicultural Marketing Research Analytical Essay by Spirittalk

Looks at importance of cross-culture methodology in multicultural marketing research.
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This paper underscores the importance of using cross-culture methodology when conducting marketing research especially in the areas of globalization, developing multicultural societies and the exponential expansion of the Internet. Next, the author stresses the importance of awareness and sensitivity in the development of cross-cultural research designs within individual multicultural societies and in a global context. The paper contends that the validity of marketing and psychological research can be improved if cross-cultural methodology is followed thus improving the generalizability and universality of the research.

Table of Contents:
Researching Consumers in Multicultural Societies
Multicultural Consumer Research Influences Psychology

From the Paper:

"The methodological issues include the implementation of universal generalizability and to do so one must arrive at generalizability with regard to contemporary psychological theory, knowledge, and propositions. The methodological concerns of cultural dimensions emphasize diversity in culture and social values. Comparability is a methodological issue because of the need for valid databases across country and cultural lines. The methodological issue of conceptual equivalence is of concern because subjects must have an equivalent interpretation or understanding of the meaning of behavior or stimuli. The methodological issue of functional equivalence is an issue if corresponding activities within different societies if these activities fail to have similar functions and if the parameters are not comparable methodological issues arise. Last, according to Slater, and Yani-de-Soriano (2010), the methodological influence of response bias is of concern because the instrument employed must generate responses free of response set bias. A number of additional emerging trends and methodological issues are also mentioned in the article that includes Internet-based research, diverse marketing-research contexts, and the global and multicultural perspectives of consumer behavior research. Researching consumers in multicultural societies and the emerging methodological issues that accompany this research has an enormous influence on the domain of psychology."

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