Membership in Cults Analytical Essay

This paper looks at membership in cults and at the life of cultists.
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In this article, the writer explores the concept of cults in American society today. The writer looks at the general characteristics of cults and examines how people join cults. The writer discusses why anyone would ever wish to join a cult and also looks at the life of a cultist. The writer concludes that overall, the concept of religious cults is an interesting and very significant concept, however, it is also misunderstood today in America, as stereotypes on how all cults involve crazy leaders who lead extremist movements shown by the media blind the public from seeing the truth.

From the Paper:

"In Western society today, the concepts of cults and Islam both are looked upon in similar ways. Both are concepts people frequently misunderstand, and both are considered dangerous and radical. Westerners consider only the extremist and violent side of cults and Islam. When people see the word, Islam, most tend to immediately think of terrorists. When people hear the concept of cult, they believe in evil fanatics castrating each other, drinking poison, being led by a charismatic leader. Generally, the overall western view of cults is significantly more accurate on Islam, as many cults do involve extremist and dangerous actions. However, it is still quite inaccurate. Most western views put aside the formal and technical definitions made by professionals, and simply view a cult as a dangerous false religion led by unstable leaders. 1The formal definitions of the word, cult, are actually quite broad and the majority simply describe it as a group of people following a spurious or unorthodox system of religious beliefs and practices that is different from their practices."

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