Mega-Mergers Analytical Essay by Neatwriter

An extensive analysis on the merger and acquisition phenomenon in the financial services industry.
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This study, while focusing on mega-mergers, examines the merger and acquisition phenomenon and proposes an explanation for the same. This research evaluates why stakeholders support mergers when the post mortem data suggest that most mergers are failures. Where applicable, the paper points to other industries that have parallel issues to the financial industry but the financial services industry seems to be ahead in the merger mania.

Table of Contents
CHAPTER ONE - Introduction
Statement of the Problem
Purpose of the Study
CHAPTER TWO - Literature Review
Mergers on the Rise
Is There Actually a Problem?
Why We Undertake Mergers
Technological Changes
Scale Economies
Bank Mergers and Acquisitions
What Can Make Mergers Fail
What Happens When Mergers Fail
Definition of Terms
CHAPTER THREE - Methodology
Data Gathering Method
Limitations and Validity Issues
Validity of Data
Originality and Limitation of Data

From the Paper:

"For various reasons, continuous growth is esteemed a desirable goal by company decision-makers. It seems to be very nearly a universal law that biological life begins to end when an organism's period of growth ends; it's all downhill from there. It follows that continuous growth will ensure a firm's eternal life. In other words, no firm can succumb to countervailing forces if it is always growing. Whether this is actually true is debatable; however, it seems true, and this is what makes it an important motivator for management. Growth itself can be undertaken not only for its own sake (the company should always be growing, no matter what) but also to solve certain business problems."

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