Media's Effect on Women's Body Image Analytical Essay

Media's Effect on Women's Body Image
A discussion on the media's impact on women's body image.
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"Defining body image is essential to the argument rendered. In the simplest terms, body image refers to one's perspective of their body. It is the feeling rendered when observing one's body. (Grabe, Ward, & Hyde, 2008) It includes feelings toward height, shape, and weight. One may have either a positive or negative body image. Negative body image may include a distorted perception of their body, negative connotation with personal body size or shape, awkward or self-conscious feelings about one's body. (Field, Austin, Camargo, Taylor, Striegel-Moore, Loud, & Colditz, 2005) Positive body image includes a clear perception of the body and shape, appreciation, acceptance and a feeling of comfort. (Derenne & Beresin, 2006)
"Before observing the negative effects, the affecting media must be identified. The primary media outlet affecting women today is social media. While some women may not watch television or read magazines, the majority of women participate in social media. Most of the previous studies regarding the matter focus on "traditional" mainstream media. This may include, but is not limited to: magazines, movies, radio, television, and advertising. (Grabe, Ward, & Hyde, 2008)
"Television is one of the primary media outlets blamed for the negative impact on women's body image. There are rarely women of average or above average weight featured on television shows. Underweight women are overly represented on shows. Only 5 percent of women on television are above the average weight. (Derenne & Beresin, 2006) The women that are over the average weight draw negative comments within the show. This has a direct impact on the audience of women."

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