Mass Media and Society Analytical Essay by Nicky

Mass Media and Society
A discussion on the relationship between mass media and our perceptions of society.
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This essay explores how mass media shape and impact our impressions of society and reality. First the paper gives statistics about the number of hours that individuals are exposed to mass media. Next, it shows how people construct their versions of social reality based on what they hear, read and see in the media. Then, it analyzes the profit aspect of the media and the idea of selling the news like a commodity. According to the paper, this is of note because the media tend to avoid issues involving poverty. The paper goes on to describe how the media also influence gender relations in society, citing various television programs that have depicted women breaking out of the traditional housewife role. The paper also examines how African Americans are portrayed on television, and its impact on racial identity and race relations. The paper concludes by citing studies that show in the past, society influenced the media more than today.

From the Paper:

"One of the focuses of mass media studies has been the social, cultural, and psychological effects of media content and use. Although a highly controversial issue, there are several points to be made before embarking on an analysis of media influence over society. In the United States, the number of media companies is decreasing with twenty-three corporations owning more than one half of movie studios, newspapers, magazine, and radio and television outlets in the country. Considering the decrease in the number of small media companies which produce and package news, one can safely argue that the influence of these big corporations has increased considerably over the past two decades."

Sample of Sources Used:

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