Marxism in Alberto Florentino's Play "Oli Impan" Analytical Essay

Marxism in Alberto Florentino's Play "Oli Impan"
Evaluates if Alberto Florentino's play "Oli Impan" about children in the slums of the Philippines is a Marxist drama.
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This paper explains that the poor children, who are the main characters in Alberto Florentino's play "Oli Impan", mispronounce the lyrics of the song "Silent Night", which represents the image of the savior imprinted upon them. Next, the author analyzes the play using Erik Erikson's theory of psychological development and theories of capitalism. The paper concludes that this play does not reflect the breakage of the architectural metaphor nor does it portray a workable solution to the problems of the poor; therefore, it is a non-Marxist text.

From the Paper:

"Another social ill presented in the play is the lack of education for the poor. The two main characters are both from poor families and hence they are both deprived the opportunity of going to school. This lack of education is the main reason why the boy could not pronounce his words properly and is also the reason why the girl has no ability to criticize the boy's lyrics. She even sang along with the boy not knowing that she too is getting the song wrong. Education plays a big role in society. It is supposed to be free for all and must be standardized. Yet, due to the rising capitalist society, education has become a privilege, a competition and even a big business interest."

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