Manufacturing News and the Fox News Channel Analytical Essay by Shaad

Manufacturing News and the Fox News Channel
Examines to what extent the Fox News Channel manufactures the news that it covers with specific reference to its coverage of the anti-spending Tea Party protests.
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This study examines to what extent the Fox News Channel manufactures the news that it covers. It first considers the Propaganda Model, as proposed by Herman and Chomsky, whereby powerful elites are said to "manufacture consent" through their manipulation of news production. The study accepts this model as far as it describes the economics of news production, and rejects the ideological connotations. Next, the paper describes the rise of neo-conservatism, specifically in relation to how it appropriated news production to stifle the natural left-wing bias in the media. It then goes into the details of the economics of news production, describes how neo-conservatism helped to skew the market to the right, and how, with the return of the Democrats to power through Obama, an ideological overcompensation takes place, giving rise to a marked left-wing bias in the news. This is followed by an outline of the Tea Party protests, which is described as a spontaneous uprising against the overly liberal policies of Obama. At the same time FNC's stridently right-wing coverage of the Tea Parties is described as a natural reassertion of the right-wing media. This reassertion is argued to be merely part of filling a gap in the market opened up by an over-leaning left-wing media. This claim is justified through expert opinion, as well as through outlining the public response to the rise of Fox News Channel as a major force in broadcasting.

The Propaganda Model
The Economics of News Production
The Tea Party Protests
The Public Response

From the Paper:

"In its recent coverage of the anti-spending Tea Parties, the Fox News Channel appears at times to openly support this popular movement. If viewed in a more cynical light, it appears that this channel also has a hand in staging and promoting this phenomenon. In fact, the conduct of the Fox News Channel has caused many to accuse the news organization of manufacturing the news that it covers. This essay argues that, though there is some truth in the charge, Fox News Channel is merely responding to a gap in the market. It goes on to explain how this gap has been opened up by an ideological swing in the news coverage to the left, largely caused by the election of Barak Obama and the return of the Democrats to power. Therefore, the support of the Tea Parties not only represents a protest against the liberal leaning policies of the Obama administration, but the general right-wing tenor of FNC's coverage of the news functions as a balance to the left-wing bias to the media in general in the wake of the return of the Democrats."

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