Manhattan Project and Society Analytical Essay by Nicky

This paper provides a historiographic discussion on the topic of the Manhattan project in relation to society.
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In this article, the writer notes that the Manhattan Project was one of the most documented events in American and World History. This discussion provides an explanation of the Manhattan Project and looks at how the project changed society forever. The writer discusses that the historiographic look at the Manhattan project reflects differences in tone related to the type of material that is presented and the time frame in which it was presented. The writer looks at perspectives on this subject from the 1960s, the 1980s, the 1990s and the 21st century. The writer concludes that overall the historical perspectives discussed seem to be related to the decades in which they were written and the information that the authors had available to them.

The Manhattan Project Summary
Histographic View
The 1960s
The 1980s
The 1990s
The 21st Century
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From the Paper:

"According to a book entitled The Manhattan Project and published by the Department of Energy, Albert Einstein was actually quite instrumental in the development of the Manhattan Project. According to the book Einstein wrote a now famous letter explaining to President Roosevelt advances in science related to chain reactions through the use of Uranium. Einstein asserted that this new scientific discovery could lead to the development of bombs that would be extremely powerful and destructive. In the letter, Einstein also revealed to the president that Germany was already attempting to build bombs involving this new scientific discovery. Roosevelt was concerned and in 1939 he approved uranium research believing that America could not take the risk of permitting Hitler to develop such a weapon without America also attempting to develop such a weapon. Roosevelt's approval of uranium research marked the beginning of the Manhattan Project."

Sample of Sources Used:

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