Ludwig Wittgenstein: Logic and Computers Analytical Essay by Nicky

Ludwig Wittgenstein: Logic and Computers
Looks at contributions made by philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein to the development of the computer.
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This paper explains that there is a relationship between the understanding of the logic of language and the real advancement of computers and computer science. Next, the author relates that one of Wittgenstein's major allegations in the philosophy of language was that language is a system of pure logical construction. The papers clarifies that Wittgenstein's belief that, like mathematics, rules of grammar and of meaning make language understandable, led to the development of set theory, which is integral to computer sciences and practical programming.

From the Paper:

"It could be argued that this latter example does not truly bring language out of the human realm, as computers are human inventions. This becomes something of a semantic battle, however, and is unimportant in the face of the fact that language is at least as essential to the functioning of a computer as it is to a fully functioning human being. Because of this, many contributions to the understanding of language have been made by computer science and the pure logic involved therein. Viewing the situation in this way is certainly valid, but it also places the cart before the horse to some degree."

Sample of Sources Used:

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