Literature Review on the European Union Analytical Essay by Mark Lewis

Literature Review on the European Union
This paper provides a literature review on the European Union and looks at its impact and role in international relations.
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In this article, the writer provides a review of three different pieces of academic literature that deal with the Union's role in international politics. These works are an article by Birol Yesilada, Brian Efird and Peter Noordijk entitled 'Competition among Giants', Stanley Sloan's 'NATO, the European Union and the Atlantic Community' and Stephanie Anderson's book 'Crafting EU Security Policy'. The methodological approach is outlined for each work along with the main issues it highlights. Ultimately, the writer assesses to what extent these pieces of academic literature offer new and developed insight into the question of international relations from the European perspective. The writer concludes that the wide diversity of possible solutions available with regard to European expansion and international relations are clear by the different answers and responses contained within each of the above mentioned academic works.

From the Paper:

"Indeed, although the NATO alliance has undergone some particularly difficult years implementing a united policy, particularly with regard the war on terror, I still agree that this is where the most effective future for the European Union lies. Above all, the framework for cooperation on this basis has already been largely established with all the leading union members also being members of NATO. Moreover, Sloan is quite right to declare that social and cultural similarities that have developed over decades and centuries provide much support for a reinvigoration of the Atlantic alliance.
"However, is it possible that there is a third option that does not require the union forging ever closer links with outside powers, whether they are Russia or the United States?"

Sample of Sources Used:

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