Leadership of Fidel Castro Analytical Essay by Jessie

Leadership of Fidel Castro
An evaluation of the leadership of Fidel Castro, focusing on his healthcare, education and agricultural policies.
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This paper examines Cuban leader Fidel Castro's policies in three areas; healthcare, education, and agriculture. The paper finds that while Castro achieved some social and economic progress through his reforms in education, healthcare, and agriculture, these efforts will be overshadowed by his regime's repression of alternative voices and refusal to support a free democracy. The paper shows how his policies primarily benefit only those he chooses to favor, often in exchange for their political support.

Factual Statement

From the Paper:

"Castro's healthcare reforms appear impressive within the context of Latin America, a part of the world with poor medical resources. However, equal access to healthcare facilities may still be a concern in Cuba due to preference directed toward those supportive of Castro's government. Similarly, Castro's educational policies promoted literacy in Cuba but his repressive policies exiled many literary figures because they did not agree with his politics. Castro's agricultural reforms placed ownership of the nation's land into the hands of the government. Agricultural workers were forced into a state of dependency upon Castro, who determined their wages. Despite claims of communism destroying class differences, Castro granted higher wages to professionals and underpaid agricultural workers. These same workers are the first to suffer from unemployment during difficult economic periods, such as the years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Each of these three areas suggest an underlying hypocrisy characterizing Castro's behavior."

Sample of Sources Used:

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