Leadership and Employee Performance in the Workplace Analytical Essay by Spirittalk

An analysis of the interaction of leadership and employee performance in the work place, using a troubled company as an example.
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Published on Nov 22, 2010 in Business (Companies) , Business (Management) , Business (Human Resources)

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This paper examines the importance of workplace leadership, and its effect on employee performance. The paper focuses its analysis on Woody's Veneer Factory, a company that is losing money because production is at its lowest point ever. The paper offers specific recommendations using basic concepts and theories of organizational development to improve the situation, working toward developing a plan to improve the relationship between management and floor workers, as well as enhance management and leadership skills. The paper asserts that successful businesses understand the relationship between work environment and human behavior, and therefore prevent conflict and loss of production by setting standards for managers and staff to encourage goal-setting, productivity, and effective communication. The paper concludes that effective leadership and performance in the workplace requires effort and determination to create the best working environment for everyone involved.

The Differences between Leadership and Management
Leadership Styles
The Influence and Power of Management
Leadership Theories
Referent Power and Reward Power
Path/Goal Theory
Styles of Motivation
Directive Style
Participative Style
Achievement Style
Group and Team Concepts
Groups Norms
Beliefs and Habits
Interpersonal Relationships
Team Building
Effective Communication
Occupational Stress
Motivational Style

From the Paper:

"Upper management must be informed about the effects of occupational stress. So often when employees feel as though they are not appreciated they begin to stress. Being reprimanded by a supervisor, having too little time to complete an important assignment, or being told that he or she may be fired are situations that almost anyone would find stressful (Spector, 2008). The company is trying to avoid anyone from being hurt on-the-job and stressors can have a negative effect on team members not working together. It is imperative that everyone communicate effectively to reduce occupational stress."

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