Latino and African Media Stereotypes Analytical Essay

Latino and African Media Stereotypes
Looks at the problems of racial stereotyping in the media especially of Latinos and Blacks.
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This paper explains that racial stereotyping is the worse kind of media stereotyping because it negatively influences teachers and students. Next, the author reviews the films "Crash" and "Happy Feet" to illustrate negative and positive types of stereotyping Latinos. The paper focuses on the worst, long lasting media stereotype of African men called the "brutal black buck", a black, violent and savage beast recurring in various racist media representations especially the rock and roll wave of the late 50s.

From the Paper:

"An inquiry of the representation of race in the media must focus on numerous perspectives. The first viewpoint is has to be the media stereotypes that have in history been the nature of racism. The representation of whiteness by the media especially since the start of the 19th century is a complementary subject to the representation of blackness. The representation of the black and white cultures in the media has separated the two in a complicated fashion creating a phenomenon referred to as the white Negro that draws on some specific elements of the culture of the blacks to cover some particular deficiencies in the general culture."

Sample of Sources Used:

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