"Journey into the Whirlwind" Analytical Essay by serendipity

"Journey into the Whirlwind"
Examines this autobiography by Eugenia Ginzburg about life as a prisoner in Stalinist Russia.
# 49114 | 1,380 words | 1 source | 2004 | US

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Eugenia Ginzburg experienced the heart of the Stalinist Terror as few have who lived to tell about it. A staunch Communist supporter, Ginzburg found herself wrongfully accused of being an enemy of the people and subsequently thrown into jail. This paper examines her account of her years and months in prison camps in her book, "Journey into the Whirlwind". It also looks at how her story impacts the study of the Stalinist Terror.

From the Paper:

"Thrown into jail, Ginzburg found herself transferred from jail to labor camp across the country for years. What she found, to her surprise and intrigue, was that her supposed crime seemed to change with every facility to which she was transferred. She started out as an "enemy of the people", and by the time she was released, she found herself being referred to as an "international terrorist." This demonstrates just what a propaganda machine Stalin's regime was. It appears that Ginzburg's supposed crime was adjusted and changed whenever it suited the regime, probably depending upon whatever propaganda the regime was trying to propagate at the time."

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