John Dewey, David Tyack and Larry Cuban on Educational Reform Analytical Essay by scribbler

John Dewey, David Tyack and Larry Cuban on Educational Reform
This paper explores the philosophies of John Dewey, David Tyack and Larry Cuban on educational reform.
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Published on May 05, 2013 in Education (Theory)

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The paper examines Tyack and Cuban's book called "Tinkering Toward Utopia" where they show that educational theory has evolved based on culture, technology, and global needs, but has not necessarily drastically reformed at its very core. The paper explores the nature of educational reform and discusses how Tyack and Cuban have built upon the educational philosophies of John Dewey in the 1800s. This paper suggests that perhaps now is the time to focus on allowing teachers to teach instead of administer exams, and to encourage a move from the rote to the analytical.

From the Paper:

"The idea of educational reform based on logical, but humanistic philosophies is certainly not new. In fact, 18th century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau's novel Emile, in fact, describes the ideal educational system in the guise of fiction, but adhering to his views of society, self-actualization, and human nature. Humans are born into a natural sense of goodness and until society influences them, are uncorrupt. It is the educator's responsibility to prevent that for as long as possible by acting as a shield to allow children to develop more naturally Education prepares children for life, not for any specific social institution. Since each person is born with innate gifts that are unique to their own personality, the perceptive educator must nurture those gifts and help the child discover their own individual purpose (Rousseau, 2003)."

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