John C. Calhoun and the Civil War Analytical Essay by Nicky

John C. Calhoun and the Civil War
A brief discussion on John C. Calhoun's influence on the start of the Civil War.
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Published on Feb 09, 2011 in History (U.S. Civil War 1860-1865)

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The paper discusses the figure and speeches of John C. Calhoun, with a focus on his response to the Tariff of Abominations and the compact theory of government. The paper argues that although the Civil War had a complex beginning, Calhoun's rhetoric was certainly instrumental in dividing the country into its warring factions.

From the Paper:

"Even one hundred and fifty years after its conclusion, the Civil War remains one of the most controversial issues in American history. The memories of slavery that any mention of the Civil War recalls stirs up racial tensions even today, and this can make any real grievance that the South had prior to this conflict seem almost taboo to mention, as though the evil of slavery tainted all things Southern. One figure that is especially divisive in this regard is John C. Calhoun. Some even give him the credit of being the primary cause of the Civil War (Weider).
"While John C. Calhoun's personality certainly is one of the most important and one of the most controversial of the causes of the Civil War, but there are other factors that also carried great weight. The Tariff of Abominations, as it came to be known, was instituted in 1828 to protect Northern industries from foreign competition, with drastic economic effects on the South (Foreign Affairs). This tariff was one of Calhoun's main points of argument with the policies of the North, and fueled the rhetoric that he used to help stir up the Civil War (ThinkQuest)."

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