JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis Analytical Essay

JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis
Investigates if JFK handled the Cuban Missile Crisis effectively.
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This paper explains that the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, during the height of the Cold War, was triggered when the USSR started building missile bases in Cuba, thus overtly threatening neighboring American cities. Next, the author relates that Kennedy's handlers were advising him to use full force against the Soviet Union, but, instead, he wisely chose to pursue a conciliatory course that involved compromises thus ensuring a peaceful resolution to this nuclear crisis. The paper concludes that John F Kennedy was effective in handling this crisis and goes into history as an American president who forestalled a third world war.

Table of Contents:
Background information about the Cuban Missile Crisis
Kennedy's Handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Should Kennedy Have Used More Force than just a Blockade?

From the Paper:

"United States of America had no plan in place because the country's intelligence had never thought that the USSR would install nuclear missiles in Cuba and the US strategists had five courses of action. The first was to ignore USSR's nuclear presence in Cuba while the second was the use of diplomatic pressure to influence USSR to remove missiles from Cuba. The other options were to attack the missiles, to invade Cuba or to impose a naval blockade. Two of the aforementioned options would have led to the development of full blown nuclear war. This would have happened if the US decided to destroy the military bases or invade Cuba. "

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