Japanese-American Internment Analytical Essay by Research Group

Japanese-American Internment
A review of the book by Roger Daniels, "Prisoners Without Trials", illustrating the topic of the Japanese-American internment camps.
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This paper analyzes the issue of Japanese-American internment camps, through a review of Roger Daniels' book, "Prisoners Without Trials". The paper discusses the argument that the internment was justified at the time, due to the Japanese-Americans posing a security threat to the United States. This claim is explained as a poor excuse for racism, discrimination and political interest, on the part of the government. The paper continues to describe how the same government eventually admits that the internment was unjustified. The book is portrayed as clearly presenting the background and facts of this episode of racism and placing it in its historical context.

From the Paper:

"The argument that the interment was justified because Japanese Americans posed a threat to the security of the United States ignores the fact that Italian Americans and German Americans were not rounded up and placed in internment camps. This was true despite the fact that Germany and Italy were enemies in World War II along with Japan. The racism of the American government and the people who allowed internment to occur is evident in such a discriminatory decision, for of the three enemies in World War II, only the Japanese stood out in appearance from other Americans. Had Germany and Italy been located in Asia, or Africa, meaning that German Americans and Italian Americans would have appeared "foreign" to Americans, it is likely that German Americans and Italian Americans would have been locked up in internment camps as well."

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