Is Human Resource Development Strategic? Analytical Essay by jackinbox

Is Human Resource Development Strategic?
Looks at the principles that human resource development must complete to be considered strategic.
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Published on May 19, 2013 in Business (Management) , Business (Human Resources)

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This paper asserts that human resource development (HRD) can be considered strategic if it is deemed able to translate senior management's strategies into easily understood and executable employee behavior; however, often these executives see HR professionals in non-strategic, cost-center roles that are outside the 'core operations' of the business. Next, the author defines what HRD must be able to do to become a credible strategic performance partner. The paper stresses that, if HRD performs these activities, then it will contribute to the execution of the overall business goals.

From the Paper:

"Another way in which HRD can be considered strategic is if HRD helps create organisational goal alignment. HRD can be considered strategic if it can assist with the communication of corporate strategies and assist senior management translate that strategy into unit or departmental goals. The benefit of this is that front line workers who are usually far removed from detailed strategy sessions can understand better 'What are we trying to accomplish as an organisation, how can I contribute and what are the benefits for me?' In order to accomplish this, Garavan states that 'mechanisms need to be put in place which enable the HRD specialist to participate in corporate strategy sessions with other managers.'
"HRD can also be considered as strategic if it can translate corporate goals into specific daily activities and behaviours that reach to an individual employee's job function. Establishing strategic priorities is a necessary step, but in addition, employees need to know what to do themselves. Becker, Huselid and Ulrich advocate that strategic HRD should focus on strategic employee behaviours because they are key to the implementation of strategy.
"Delivering training that links behaviours to desired results is another way in which HRD can be considered strategic."

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