Iron Curtain - the Berlin Wall Crisis Analytical Essay

Iron Curtain - the Berlin Wall Crisis
An exploration of the Berlin Wall crisis and its many impacts on the German people.
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This paper focuses on the Berlin Wall crisis. The paper explains that this event has been considered to be one of the most extensive feuds between two political factions in modern European history, spanning from the years 1961 to 1989. The paper continues on to assert that events during the twenty-eight years that the wall existed have forever changed the course of history and will remain in both history books and the memory of the people who experienced them. The paper concludes that the establishment of the Berlin Wall significantly impacted the people of Germany several ways including: psychologically, symbolically, and economically.

From the Paper:

"Unlike most great walls in history of the world, the Berlin Wall was designed to keep its citizens in, not keep the enemies out. The USSR knew that in order for communism to work it would need full participation even from talented people; however, East Berliners desired to live in the west where the capitalistic form of government was treating its people well. For any East Berliner willing to climb the fence laid the "death strip", a small slice of land between the borders in which the communist guards would shoot on site any escapees. The entrapped living conditions suffered by East Berlin took a heavy psychological toll on its citizens. "

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