Intolerance of the Church in the Late Middle Ages Analytical Essay by msjohn4

Intolerance of the Church in the Late Middle Ages
The paper examines the religious intolerance of the Church in the late middle ages.
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The author of this paper examines religious intolerance in the late middle ages and specifically, as practiced by the Church. The author gives a number of examples where religious intolerance and even persecution were not only countenanced by the Church but were even a part of Church law. The writer gives two examples of the church's intolerance of other religious viewpoints: the Crusades when established Church doctrine said that only Christians had the right to rule in the Holy Land, and the persecution and stigmatization of the Jews. The paper uses MLA style footnotes but doesn't include a works cited page.

From the Paper:

"Anti-Semitism in the later Middle Ages was rather prevalent throughout most of Western Europe. There are at least three canons alone of the Fourth Lateran Council that are concerned with the proper ways to deal with or treat Jews. One of these canons states that it is unacceptable for a "blasphemer of Christ to be in a position of authority over Christians" because "such authority [is] very hostile to Christians." In the "hagiography" of William of Norwich it is said that the Jews of Norwich preformed the blood libel sacrifice of William during Passover. This account is the first instance that the myth of the blood libel. The entire idea of Jews taking a young Christian boy (William is 12 in the story and thus not yet a man by Christian or Jewish standards) and reenacting the crucifixion upon him speaks very clearly that Christian society of the time had a very deep distrust of other faiths, especially that of Judaism; this distrust running so deep that the Church accommodates it into law."

Sample of Sources Used:

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