Interviewing Exercise Analytical Essay by Nicky

Description of an interview about a woman's health beliefs.
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This paper describes an interview with a subject outside of a Whole Foods grocery store. According to the paper, the goal of the interview was to assess the subject's outlook on health issues. The paper describes the subject as being a woman in her 50's with conservative views on health. It also tells about her appearance, profession and lifestyle. Additionally, the author of the paper reflects on personal feeling and observations during the interview. This includes an analysis of which techniques were successful and where weaknesses existed. Various sources are cited which discuss successful interviewing techniques. The paper concludes with the author noting how the exercise will help improvements for future interviews.

From the Paper:

"Cheryl contends that health constitutes a major concern for the world today. Its ripple down affect contributed to America's healthcare system becoming a crisis situation, she says. It also stimulated a rise in environmental concerns, as well as to an excessive amount of money spent towards marketing efforts for medication, medical malpractice and/or unhealthy food advertisements. At this point, I interpret Cheryl's worldview to be critical of others; to assert that the U.S. bureaucratic systems perpetuate negative health outcomes. From her perceptions, I believe Cheryl's job and extracurricular activities reinforce her beliefs. Overall, Cheryl appears to be a realist who subscribes to a bleak outlook about our world and the people who live in it. She feels that the U.S. patches its problems, rather than addressing them at their roots. Sooner or later, Cheryl stresses, this patchwork will not sustain. I believe she thinks the world needs to remedy health issues to overcome its deficiencies of our world. During the interview, Cheryl's body language appears to reflect lessons she has learned from her life experiences. While sitting at the table, outside the market, she repeatedly positions her hand across her chin and squeezes her eyebrows together..."

Sample of Sources Used:

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