Interpreting the Oracle of Delphi Analytical Essay

Interpreting the Oracle of Delphi
A brief discussion on the interpretation of the Oracle of Delphi.
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"One of the most meaningful spiritual sites in the Greek world was the Sanctuary of Apollo at Ancient Delphi. Admired as early as 1500 BC, the sacred zone was native to the well known Oracle, in which the god himself gave advice to his people through the words of an intoxicated priestess. To all the Greek people, the center of the world was literally where Delphi was located. Greek mythology states that two eagles from opposite ends of the world that Zeus releasedmet in the sky above Delphi. They then pierced each other their beaks and fell straight down to the ground on what happened to be the center of the earth. The location was imprinted by theOmphalos, or "navel" stone.
"The serpent Python guarded the Castalian Spring of Delphi before Apollo showed up. Python was the offspring of Gaia, or Mother Earth, whom was probably the first god to be cherished at the sacred area. From what the story tells, Apollo kills Python and claims the spring for himself. There he founded the Oracle of Delphi. "Generals, kings, and individuals of all ranks came to the Oracle of Delphi to ask Apollo's advice on the best course to take in war, politics, love and family. After the inquirer made a sacrifice, a priestess uttered cryptic pronouncements which were then translated by a priest" (Broad). The "adyton," which is a small chamber in the Temple of Apollo that only the Pythia was permitted to enter was where the reputable visions of Delphi were presented. The Pythia was a priestess who spoke as a possessed middle person for Apollo, the god of prophecy. The questions given to the Oracle were written on a tablet.The Pythia was always portrayed to be in a mild trance when she delivered oracles to people. Her voice would change when speaking for Apollo. The Oracle's responses were written down and enclosed by a priest and then handed over to the inquirer."

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