Interpersonal Nonverbal Communication Analytical Essay by scribbler

Interpersonal Nonverbal Communication
Looks at the ways nonverbal communication is a part of the process of interpersonal communication.
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Published on Feb 07, 2013 in Communication (Mass Media) , Communication (Interpersonal)

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This paper explains that nonverbal communication, which is sending messages without using words or phrases, includes body posture, facial expressions, hand and arm gestures, posture, eye contact, patterns of speech and even clothing, jewelry, and hairstyles. Next, the author reviews the relationship of verbal and nonverbal communication, nonverbal macro signals and the sources of nonverbal communication. The paper relates the effect of nonverbal communication in mass media and in professional interviews. Two tables are included.

Table of Contents:
Overview between Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal Macro Signals
Sources of Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal Communications and the Professional Interview

From the Paper:

"In the contemporary world, people make even more snap judgments about the credibility of the news based on the appearance of the newscaster. Witness, the Dan Rather and Peter Jennings reports on the Gulf War with both in flak jackets, desert attire, and posed so that the audience saw shooting and the reality of the war behind them. Similarly, rather than viewing the actual verbiage from many female reporters, audiences watch what they wear (cannot be do fancy, too contemporary, and must portray a calm professionalism), with their tasteful jewelry, pert but basic hairstyle, and minimalist make-up; coupled with the direction of maintaining non-verbal sincerity above all. For example, Leslie Stahl, Katie Couric, Connie Chung, and others.
"What is clear, based on these, and other examples, is that within the news profession, non-verbal clues; posture, eye contact, grooming, demeanor, etc. are critical. However, we cannot minimize how the external focus of nonverbal communication impacts the internal - day to day activities with colleagues, teachers, students, etc. The signals given in non-verbal communication are also found to be key in interview situations, from both sides of the table. Everywhere we look, individuals use body language and non-verbal signals."

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