Interactions Between Hormones and Gender Identity Analytical Essay

Interactions Between Hormones and Gender Identity
A discussion of how hormomes and social environment influence individual gender identity.
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This paper offers an overview and discussion of the role of hormones in human gender identity and behavior. The paper explains that gender distinctiveness is ultimately derivative of chromosomal structure and physical manifestation; however, this does not denote that psychosocial effects are absent. The paper adds that the process by which a child gains knowledge of the standards and responsibilities society has fashioned for his or her sexual category, plays a considerable role in the creation of its awareness of being male or female. For example, the paper states, if a child is raised as a female, it will believe it is female, and vice versa. The paper concludes that gender differentiation occurs before birth, and even though hormones present before birth determine the sex of the child, the way the child is looked upon has significant bearing on its personal gender identity; therefore, it is difficult to ascertain whether nature or nurture has the most influence, and as a consequence, the debate over nature versus nurture continues.

From the Paper:

"Sociologists are predominantly concerned with gender characteristics and how this factor establishes gender roles. Gender characteristics emerge early in life and are most probably permanent by the time a child reaches four years of age. Even though the precise sources of gender identity continue to be unidentified, organic, emotional, and societal variables undoubtedly have some bearing on the process. Heredity, hormones which are present before and after birth, socialization and various other factors all work together to shape an individual's gender characteristics."

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