Influence of Rhetoric on Society Analytical Essay

Influence of Rhetoric on Society
An examination of the concept of rhetoric and the risks and dangers it poses to society.
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The paper looks at applications of rhetoric in history and explores the views of Hobbes, Locke, Cicero and Aristotle on rhetoric. The paper comes to the conclusion that rhetoric is not only important but is greatly significant to society. The paper discusses, however, how rhetoric's persuasive ability is difficult to predict, and therefore the use of rhetoric is potentially dangerous to society and to the user himself.

From the Paper:

"The significance of rhetoric in society can be seen by examining previous applications of rhetoric in history. In Cicero, Rhetoric, and Empire, C.E.W Steele discusses how Cicero's speeches have persuaded on issues such as "foreign, or imperial affairs: when prosecuting or defending provincial governors accused of extortion, when speaking in cases concerning the claims to citizenship, the choice of commanders for military campaigns" (3). Examples of such speeches include Cicero's "Verrines," "pro Flacco," and "pro Fonteio" (Steele 3). Because Cicero had previously managed to apply rhetoric to persuade on such significant societal issues, rhetoric can clearly be very significant to society. Also, Aristotle mentions how rhetoric had previously been used to persuade on "war and peace, national defense, imports and exports, and legislation" (35)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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