Influence of American Culture and Economics on Canadian Politics Analytical Essay by Nicky

Influence of American Culture and Economics on Canadian Politics
An examination of how American culture and economics has influenced Canadian politics.
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The paper examines the historic influence of American culture and economics on Canada including the period of the American Revolution, the prosperous 1920s, the Great Depression era, the post World War II recovery, the Vietnam War era, the 1980s and the 1990s. The paper then explores the contextual and cultural factors underlying the Americanization of Canada as well as the American economy's direct and indirect effect on Canadian politics.

Historic Influence of American Culture and Economics on Canada
Contextual and Cultural Factors Underlying the Americanization of Canada
The American Economy's Direct and Indirect Effect on Canadian Politics

From the Paper:

"Craig, Douglas and Bennett surmise that the United States is the largest economy in the world and, as such, due to dollar volume, plays a dominant role in world trade. America is not only the largest importer of goods and services, but also the largest exporter of goods and services in the world as well. This gives the United States unrivaled power with potential economic actions including economic sanctions or the provision of economic aid. However, the researchers continue to note that America's influence extends beyond their political and economic might and is also based on the country's 'soft' power. This can be seen in Canadian consumers consumption of products and services which embody American values and lifestyles - American culture. American iconic corporations such as: Levis, Coca-Cola, Disney, and McDonald's all have been embraced by the Canadian consumer.
"With this Canadian absorption of American products, a cultural shift continues to occur to mirror the current American lifestyle. Craig, Douglas and Bennett note that several countries are now currently mimicking the casual, fast-paced tempo of American daily life, including Canada. This has also been facilitated by the film entertainment industry, by American studios. Since the early 20th century, Canadians have enjoyed American movies. This is still true today. Consumption of American movies has a variety of effects."

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