India-Pakistan Conflict: A Globally Catastrophic Communication Gap Analytical Essay by Nicky

India-Pakistan Conflict: A Globally Catastrophic Communication Gap
This paper discusses the conflicts in communication between India and Pakistan for the last century.
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This paper is largely focused on various military threats that have occurred between the countries of India and Pakistan. The writer provides evidence and history to look at not only violent conflicts that have occurred but between ideological differences, but also an ever-growing capability to gain or maintain nuclear warfare. The paper begins with a brief look at each country, then through the Kashmir arms race and then continues on to discuss cultural differences.

Kashmir and the Arms Race
The First Summit, a Failure
Cultural Differences between Pakistanis and Indians
non-verbal Communication among Pakistani's

From the Paper:

"The dispute over Kashmir began since the split and repeatedly brought the two sides into bloody confrontations (BBC, 2009). India accused that Pakistan refused to cooperate with police investigations on the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai. A peace process was attempted in 2004 during which Pakistani militants were blamed for the attacks. But the peace attempt was stalled right the following month. In May 1998, news that the two nations were conducting nuclear tests made the international community cringe with apprehension. The US quickly entered the scene and sanctioned India. More recently, the two countries were said to have improved their ties. They even agreed to share individual nuclear technology. At present, India launches its own satellite, the first one on the moon in 2008. It even runs a large and successful cinema industry, Bollywood, one of the most watched in the world. Yet widespread poverty continues to afflict its rural populace. The majority of its people remain illiterate and poor. They remain oppressed by the ancient Hindu caste system, which fixes the place of each person in society (BBC)."

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