Implications of the Cold War Analytical Essay by ABCs

Implications of the Cold War
A discussion of the modern relevance of the Cold War era.
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The paper offers a background and history of the Cold War and shows how the Cold War drained the national economies of both the US and the Soviet Union tremendously, ultimately triggering the end of the Soviet Union. The paper first examines what America has retrospectively learned about the Cold War from the collapse of the Soviet Union. It then focuses on a significant contemporary aspect of the Cold War era, which is the potential proliferation of nuclear materials maintained in the former satellite countries of the former Soviet Union. The paper reveals the concern that weapons-grade nuclear material of Soviet origin might eventually find its way to bin Laden and other entities sympathetic to Muslim extremism.

Background and History of the Cold War
Global Implications of the Collapse of the Soviet Union
Global Terrorism and the 21st Century Relevance of the Cold War Era

From the Paper:

"Even before the formal end of hostilities at the conclusion of World War II, antagonism, mutual distrust, and mutually incompatible intentions with respect to Western Europe developed between the United States and the Soviet Union. Many historians believe that the decision by President Harry S. Truman to use nuclear weapons against Imperial Japan in August 1945 was precipitated more by the need to demonstrate American military power to the Russians than to avoid heavy combat losses projected in conjunction with a U.S. invasion of mainland Japan."

Sample of Sources Used:

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